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Promotional activities for enrollment of the new generation of students

As a part of the promotional activities for the enrollment of the new generation of students at the Faculty of Security Science, Dean Dr. Predrag Ceranic and Secretary Milan Stanivukovic visited today the School of Economics and Electrical Engineering in Banja Luka and talked with the directors of these institutions.

At the meeting with the director of the School of Economics, Sonja Tomas Miskin, a proposal for an Agreement on Cooperation was agreed. Every academic year, from fifteen to twenty graduates of the School of Economics, apply for enrollment at the Faculty.

The director of the Nikola Tesla Electrical Engineering School, Irina Cavic, and the deputy director, Natasa Stanivukovic, pointed out at the meeting that the graduating students are applying for enrollment at the Faculty in increasing numbers from year to year. This is especially interesting, because it is about the application of fields of education, with technical social sciences. Last year, thirteen high school graduates applied for the enrollment competition.

On this occasion, the hosts were given promotional packages of the Faculty and leaflets for the graduates.

These activities are part of the promotion of the Faculty and the study program Security and Criminology for the enrollment of the new generation of students in the academic 2021/22.

The competitions for enrollment will be announced in June 2021.