It is my pleasure to welcome you here on behalf of the Faculty of Security Studies, the latest member of the University of Banja Luka. What was once the Advanced School of Internal Affairs, and then College for Internal Affairs has become the Faculty of Security Studies, at the joy of all of us who share the same love for this institution.

Security has reached a place where philosophy has been occupying for a long time. It is a field that permeates every aspect of human activity, present in nearly all areas of social life. Security took off its uniform a long time ago, and it can no longer be seen as only military, public or state security, because now we have energy, environment, economy, private, and societal security. In the security discourse, it is this last one, derived from the Latin word for community and denoting the security of the collective or nation, the youngest and least explored discipline in security, that perhaps warrants the most attention. Societal security finds that threats to the language, alphabet, culture and ethos of a people are also matters of security.

All these subfields of security require us to be devoted to them, need to be continuously researched and applied at the outworks of our identity, not allowing the hatred from those who do not have the Republic of Srpska in their hearts to jeopardise our homeland. We’ve paid too high a price, and the sacrifice by patriots who have laid down their lives or been severely injured defending the Republic of Srpska is more than inducing.

The Faculty of Security Studies is a faculty, but the security situation of the Republic of Srpska call for this faculty to be even more. The shield and sword incorporated into the logo of the Faculty indicate that apart from education, this Faculty will have another role. Namely, the Faculty of Security Studies should be a pillar of society. Scientific conferences, forums, round tables and lectures on current security issues, which will be held by global authorities on these issues, will be one of our key activities to raise the approach to security in the Republic of Srpska to a scientific level. Namely, the struggle for public opinion is a major battlefield. Today, manipulation and dissemination of false, unverified and tendentious information are lethal ammunition, and the media are the weapons firing it. This is why our logo features a shield, because of our contribution to the protection of the Republic of Srpska from baseless accusations and satanization in the media. The sword is there to show that words coming from this place will cut through vicious and malicious lies.

Words are more than we often believe. They are energy. Words are the framework of our activity and operation. Our task will be to aid in filtering all the words spoken in a public domain and extract those which have features of scientifically confirmed facts, because only with knowledge and truth can sound foundations be built.

This is why the Faculty of Security Studies will operate in several dimensions, each of which should serve towards the scientific approach to this area. Our house will be a temple to security as a recognised scientific area. Since we are carrying on with the legacy of the College for Internal Affairs, we will try to maintain and build on this aspect of our activities as well. In close cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior we will organise seminars, camping trips, field training sessions. Our students will acquire both knowledge and skills. The degree of a bachelor of law in security and criminology, which our students are awarded upon completion of their studies, will be very well founded. However, our students will acquire something equally, and perhaps even more important than the degree, something they will carry in the core of their being, and that is a flame that can never be extinguished, the flame of love of our homeland.

On behalf of the Faculty, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the development of the former Advanced School of Internal Affairs, then the College for Internal Affairs, and its transition into the Faculty of Security Studies of the University of Banja Luka. We will justify your trust and serve the Republic of Srpska and the University of Banja Luka with pride.

Thank you for your attention.

Dean of the Faculty of Security Studies
Predrag Ćeranić, PhD, assistant professor