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Reception for medal winners at the sports games “Student Days” and “Police Festival 2022”

The Faculty of Security Science organized a reception and a snack for medal winners at the sports games of the University of Banja Luka “Students’ Days” and the Ministry of the Interior of Srpska “Police 2022”.

At the UBLs Student Days, our representatives won medals in individual and team competition:

  • Team:
    Football players – gold medal;
    Volleyball (M) – silver medal;
    Volleyball (W) – bronze medal;
    Handball (M) – bronze medal.
  • Individually:
    Judo: Igor Glišić, Božidar Vučurević, Snježana Kusić – gold medal; Sladjan Paunic – silver medal;
    Swimming: Lara Hrnić – silver medal;
    Dead lifts, bench, press, squats: Aleksandra Novaković – silver medal.

    FBN students are the winners of the recently concluded sports competition of employees of the Serbian Ministry of the Interior “Police 2022”. In the competition of 720 members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the students of the Faculty won three gold and silver medals in the team competition and numerous medals in the individual competition, which made the Faculty the overall winner of the Police for the first time. Our volleyball players won gold, then judokas and karate players, and we won silver in cross country.

We remind that the FBN students at the “Student Brigade” games were overall and individual winners, winning 11 medals (out of a total of 24 awarded).

These successes make FBN students the most successful sports team at the University of Banja Luka.