RISE Workshop

On Friday, 11.10.2019. you can read at 11 a.m. at MolsonCoors ChillOut Corporation on Faculty of Economics is a RIZE workshop with Mr. Patricia Soares da Costa, International Brand Consultant and CEO on MARKUINISTA.

The partners are the founder of the Markuinist branding and communication agency. She earned her degree in Communication Design and worked as a consultant to corporations, governments and creative agencies.

Event co-organization of BIT Alliance, CERK, CPME and E-Lab of our Faculty is open to students of different form profiles. The event is in English, it is completely free of charge and can be viewed at http: //bit.li/risenr1.

Rise is a concept of collusion that will be to generate good results and be encouraged to build the latest work of young, young people. Quote that positive examples of well-to-do entrepreneurs are motivated by young men about the effectiveness and abolition of pre-business ventures while studying or right after the truth is over. The format of Rise is such that speakers will be able to learn from the experiences of their story so far and how they will see if they have succeeded. After the speeches, a “ask and answer” session was organized, and all the pigs’ dumplings have the opportunity to ask a question and to reach them there is no one, that badge of answers.