The Cooperation Agreement signed between the Faculty of Security Studies and the Ministry of Interior of Republic of Srpska

On Jule 26, 2019 in Banja Luka, a Cooperation Agreement was signed between the Faculty of Security Studies of the University of Banja Luka and the Ministry of Interior of Republic оf Srpska. The agreement signed by the dean Dr. Predrag Ceranic and Minister Dragan Lukač, regulates the conditions for cooperation in the field of professional practice for students, vocational training and professional examination for graduate students.

The Faculty undertakes to provide sufficient time classes from the expert group of cases, teaching about police weaponry with training instruction and the implementation of professional practice through the competent organizational units of the Ministry, after which the students will be trained for the performance of duties and tasks of the police officer.

The Ministry undertakes to conclude an agreement on vocational training with persons who have graduated from the Faculty. Upon completion of vocational training, the graduates approach the taking of a professional exam and acquire the conditions, in accordance with the needs of the Ministry and in the manner prescribed by the Law on Police and Internal Affairs, to establish a working relationship in the status of a police officer.