Vasilije Vujičić and Božidar Vučurević at the Mediterranean Games “Oran 2022”

Students of the Faculty of Security Science, Vasilije Vujičić and Božidar Vučurević, are participating in this year’s Mediterranean Games “Oran 2022”, which are being held in Algeria.

Vasilije and Božidar are winners of numerous medals on the domestic and international scene in judo (categories 100+ and 81+), in junior and senior competition.

Until July 6, 2022, about 3,400 athletes from 26 countries will compete in a total of 24 disciplines at the Olympic Stadium in the city of Oran.

The Mediterranean Games, a sporting event organized by the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games, are held every four years between the countries of the Mediterranean belt of Africa, Asia and Europe.

We wish our guys a lot of success!