Moscow Region State University visited the Faculty of Security Science from October 17 to 23

From 17-23, October 2019, a delegation of the Moscow Regional State University visited the Faculty of Security Science and the University of Banja Luka.

The delegation from Russia, made up of teachers and students of the Faculty of Security and the Faculty of Law, were led by prof. Dr. Elena Priorova.

The guests from Russia in Banja Luka are on a return visit to the Faculty of Security Science and this is the fourth mutual visit. The visit is the result of cooperation between the Republic of Srpska and the Russian Federation and the previously signed Cooperation Agreement between the University of Banja Luka and the Moscow State Regional University.

Friends from Moscow on October 17, 2019, were received by Serb BiH Presidency Member Milorad Dodik, Rector and Vice-Rectors of the University of Banja Luka, and a conference “Science, Security and Youth” was held at the Faculty of Security Sciences.

Priorova said they came from one of the oldest universities in Russia. “Next year, our University celebrates the 90th anniversary. Today, there are 15 faculties within the Moscow Regional State University, ” said Primorova, noting that classes are taught on all cycles of study. She also said that the issue of security is increasingly important and that for this reason cooperation with the Faculty of Security Science is important for them.

At the Faculty of Security Science on  October 17, 2019, due to arrival of our guests from Russia, the scientific conference “Science, Security, and Youth”  took place.

Dean, Predrag Đeranić, PhD welcomed the guests from Russia. The Vice-Rector for Teaching and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Strain Posavljak and Staff and Student Exchange Associate Djordje Kenjalo, also addressed to delegation from Russia. Subsequently, Radoslav Ivaniš gave a presentation of the international project NatRisk, a study program for the Natural Disaster Risk Management realized at the Faculty of Security  Science and opportunities for possible cooperation on Erasmus projects.

On October 18, 2019, at the Faculty of Security Science, a joint exercise was conducted by the Moscow and Banja Luka students (security of the crime scene and investigation). The moderators of the exercise were Academician Anatoly Kustov and Predrag Popovic, MA.

In continuation of their stay in Srpska, guests visited Andrićgrad, Dobrun monasteries, a memorial to Russians fallen for R. Srpska in the Patriotic War 1992-1995, tourist village Stanišić, Bardača area, etc.

We would like to thank everyone who made friends from Russia feel at home during their stay in Srpska.