University of Banja Luka Member of OpenAIRE Network

Тhe University of Banja Luka has been approved as a member of OpenAIRE LE which represents thе European Research Network.

The goal of OpenAIRE is to make science open and transparent, to provide innovative ways to communicate and monitor research, and to transform society through validated scientific knowledge. In addition, the platform enables citizens, educators, donors, civil servants and industry to find ways to make science useful to themselves, their work environment and society.

OpenAIR has developed a network of partners over the years that houses a total of 65 European universities, research centers and institutions. The network consists of the National Open Access Contact Points (NOADs) managed by the European Support Office which supports the coordinated transition to open science.

The network provides interoperability services that connect research and enable researchers, funders and research administrators to easily embrace open science. It also links research outcomes (eg publications, information, software) with their creators (eg researchers, institutions, donors), enabling discovery, transparency, repeatability and quality assurance of research.

You can find more about the OpenAIRE network here.

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